Ban peacekeepers from abuse countries

Nations ought to be barred from adding troops to Not missions if their peacekeepers sexually abuse children states a Not overview of peacekeeping

It suggests the house nations of abusers are recognized yearly

Review was presented with to the Not secretary general carrying out a French abuse scandal

The leaked Not report stated 16 French soldiers mistreated children within the Central African Republic

Review also states peacekeepers home nations should obtain a six-month deadline for research of alleged sexual abuse by troops

Presently peacekeepers are only able to be punished within their home nations

Nevertheless the sections chairman former leader of East Timor Jose Ramos-Horta stressed immunity shouldn’t mean impunity

His review suggested that nations be needed to reveal disciplinary action taken against soldiers in addition to government authorities failure to report

Mr Ramos-Horta stated Not member states should fund a programme to help children born in the peacekeepers sexual exploitation

The general overview of Not peacekeeping procedures was commissioned prior to the French troops sexual abuse scandal arrived on the scene in April

It stated the alleged abuse happened between December 2013 and June 2014 in a center for internally displaced individuals the Central African Republic capital Bangui based on the Protector

A week ago another leaked Not report stated 100s of ladies interviewed in Haiti and Liberia stated Not troops bartered goods for sex together One-third from the accusations involved children

The Not presently has about 125000 peacekeepers used all over the world

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