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India nun rape mastermind arrested

escort — The primary suspect within the rape of the seniors nun in West Bengal continues to be arrested Indian everybody

Milon Sarkar and the other guy Ahidul Islam Babu were arrested through the Criminal Analysis Department (CID) late on Wednesday CNN-IBN reported

It’s not obvious what role Sarkar is purported to have performed within the situation

The 74-year-old nun was assaulted in March throughout a burglary at her convent inside a situation which shocked India and brought to street protests in lots of metropolitan areas

The amount of alleged attackers within the situation arrested now stands at five Four males who have been locked in April within the attack have since been launched

Senior West Bengal police official Dilip Kumar Adak has formerly stated eight alleged attackers happen to be recognized so three more continue being located

Each of the males arrested on Wednesday Milon Sarkar and Ahidul Islam Babu are considered to be Bangladeshi people who’d fled to Bangladesh

Throughout the attack in Ranaghat town on 14 March money was stolen in the convent school and also the building ransacked prior to the nun was raped within the convent itself

India troops in Kashmir gun battle

An Indian soldier is evacuated by helicopter after the attack by suspected militants

At least 10 people have been killed in a gun battle between Indian troops and suspected Pakistani militants in the disputed territory of Kashmir.

The clashes erupted after the gunmen infiltrated an abandoned army bunker in the Jammu region in Indian-administered Kashmir.

At least three civilians were among the dead, according to reports.

Pakistan and India have overlapping territorial claims in Kashmir and have fought two wars over the region.

The two countries are currently attending a regional trade summit in Nepal, but some observers say their rivalry has overshadowed attempts to strike a deal.

Thursday’s fighting happened near an Indian army base in the town of Arnia, an area that saw deadly fighting between Pakistani and India troops in September.

A senior police official in Jammu told the BBC that about five militants gained access to the disused bunker.

After locals informed the border guard, troops were called in and began to surround the area, he said.

A gun battle then erupted, lasting for approximately six hours.

Civilians in the area – which is only 3km (2 miles) from the international border with Pakistan – were evacuated and schools closed down, according to the Associated Press news agency.

Thousands of people have been killed in Kashmir since an anti-India uprising began in 1989.

In recent years violence has abated from its peak in the 1990s, but the causes of the insurgency are still far from resolved.

A ceasefire agreed in 2003 remains in place, but the nuclear-armed neighbours often accuse each other of violating it.

Last month both sides issued warnings to one another after violence in the region saw at least 19 civilians killed.

India hospital tackles rat epidemic

(bursa eskort) — More than 2,500 rats have been killed in the past few days

A government hospital in the central Indian city of Indore is trying to rid itself of tens of thousands of rats overrunning its premises.

Pest control workers say they have killed more than 2,500 rats at the Maharaja Yeshwantrao hospital so far.

Nearly 70,000 rats are believed to be hiding in about 8,000 rat-holes, city commissioner Sanjay Dubey told the BBC.

The hospital hired a pest control firm after instances of rodents damaging hospital equipment and biting patients.

Correspondents say the standard of cleanliness in many government hospitals is poor

Rats had become a massive problem here We’ve launched this campaign to rid the hospital of rats because they are present here in such large numbers Mr Dubey who ordered the rat-extermination drive told BBC Hindi

Sanjay Karmakar, chairman of the Lakshmi Fumigation and Pest Control Limited, which was given the job of killing the rats, said workers were leaving food like prawns, jaggery [solidified cane sugar], chickpeas and apples laced with poison near rat-holes to kill the rodents

The cost of ridding the hospital of rats has been put at 5.5m rupees ($89,511; £56,035).

Rats are very intelligent animals If they see a rat dropping dead after eating a food item, they would not touch it again That’s why we have to keep changing the menu daily Mr Karmakar said

He said that once the operation is complete, the hospital will be free of rats and other pests for several years. The same company says it killed 10,000 rats at the hospital 20 years ago

The 400 bed Maharaja Yeshwantrao is one of the biggest government hospitals in Indore. Its outpatient department is visited by nearly 1,000 people every day

Some Hindu religious leaders have opposed the drive to kills rats because Ganesha, the elephant god, rides a mouse