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10 things we didn’t know last week

1 A minimum of 49 individuals have died in accidents including selfies since 2014

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2 Horses will easily notice when you are angry

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3 Kidderminster Harriers FC gamers are penalized £20 when they put on a hat on match day

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4 Some 225% of American logos contained a heart shape in 2013

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5 Lesbians possess a 9% wage premium over heterosexual women whereas gay males face an earnings penalty of 11% in comparison with straight males

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6 A subreddit inspired a study into how peoples minds are transformed

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7 Happy music makes colours appear better

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8 Neanderthal DNA in humans is related with nicotine addiction and depression

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9 Mister David Attenborough switched lower the late Mister Terry Wogan for any showing job on BBC Two in 1965 since the channels chief announcer was from Dublin

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10 The very first American football cheerleaders were male plus they centered the sidelines until WW2

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