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India nun rape mastermind arrested

escort — The primary suspect within the rape of the seniors nun in West Bengal continues to be arrested Indian everybody

Milon Sarkar and the other guy Ahidul Islam Babu were arrested through the Criminal Analysis Department (CID) late on Wednesday CNN-IBN reported

It’s not obvious what role Sarkar is purported to have performed within the situation

The 74-year-old nun was assaulted in March throughout a burglary at her convent inside a situation which shocked India and brought to street protests in lots of metropolitan areas

The amount of alleged attackers within the situation arrested now stands at five Four males who have been locked in April within the attack have since been launched

Senior West Bengal police official Dilip Kumar Adak has formerly stated eight alleged attackers happen to be recognized so three more continue being located

Each of the males arrested on Wednesday Milon Sarkar and Ahidul Islam Babu are considered to be Bangladeshi people who’d fled to Bangladesh

Throughout the attack in Ranaghat town on 14 March money was stolen in the convent school and also the building ransacked prior to the nun was raped within the convent itself